Latest Open Consultations

Latest Open Consultations

Public Consultation on Maritime Radiocommunications Regulations

Public Consultations Goals
• Efficient use of maritime radio spectrum resources through effective interference management and promotion of emerging maritime radio technologies; • Coordination of national and international activities in all matters related to maritime radio spectrum including coordination with adjacent States; • Clear, transparent, comprehensive, forward-looking and non-discriminatory management of maritime radio spectrum; • Enhanced quality of maritime services provided in the Kingdom; • Representation and active participation in ITU-R activities relating to maritime radiocommunications services; and • Coordination with TGA in meeting safety and operational effectiveness requirements.

CST calls on all relevant parties and interested people inside and outside the Kingdom from all sectors to provide comments, observations and suggestions.

Last date to respond:
19th April, 2023

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Maritime radiocommunications regulations

Request for Public Consultation On Maritime regulations

Public Consultation on National Radio Spectrum Law

In light of increased demand for spectrum across all sectors and wireless applications, and considering international practices in a number of countries that have an independent national law for spectrum, the Communications, Space and Technology Commission ("CST") proposed the adoption of a single law to govern spectrum under the name (National Radio Spectrum Law) to regulate the uses of spectrum in the Kingdom for all military, civil and commercial purposes.

The purpose of this consultation is to gather stakeholder feedback on the National Radio Spectrum Law to enable the effective management of radio spectrum and its utilization in a manner that preserves this limited resource for all national sectors (military, security, space, maritime, aviation, media, meteorology, and others).

Last date to respond:
4th May, 2023

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National Radio Law Executive Summary

National Radio Law Project - Public Consultation

Preamble - Public Consultation National Radio Spectrum Law