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Zain employees visit Holy Mosque in Mecca

Continuing its annual tradition of fostering spiritual growth and strengthening bonding beyond the workplace, Zain successfully organized the 19th Omrah trip for its staff. This special journey to the Holy Mosque in Mecca was joined by many employees and their family members. The trip served to reinforce the Zain family's sense of unity and deepen the bonds of belonging and affection among its members.

This trip, which comes for the 19th year, falls under Zain’s internal communications strategy, which caters to a wide range of personal and professional aspects of employees’ lives. The solid strategy encompasses a plethora of programs and initiatives that center around many pillars, such as health and sports, spiritual and cultural, and recreational and social programs.

This initiative returns annually to reflect Zain’s unwavering commitment towards its human recourses. Every year, the company receives positive feedback and high interaction from employees who participate in the Omrah trip, with praise from them and their accompanying family members for the smooth journey and spiritually rich experience.

The company continues to work on identifying and implementing the best initiatives and programs to interact with employees in and outside of the workplace environment. These programs include spiritual and religious visits, Holy Quran recital competitions, awareness campaigns, and cultural programs. Other initiatives include health-oriented campaigns like seasonal vaccination drives, blood drives, periodic checkups, sports competitions, as well as cultural sessions, informative workshops, and much more.

From time to time, Zain brings the best experts from a wide variety of fields to hold special talks for employees to widen their horizons and enrich their knowledge. The company believes that active and ongoing communication with its staff elevates their workplace experience and positively impacts their productivity levels. Zain considers its workforce the main reason behind its success and leadership in the market and will always foster their growth and cater to their needs.