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Sirar by stc and Saudi Fintech sign an agreement to support small and medium enterprises, financial technology companies and entrepreneurs

Under the patronage of the Governor of the Digital Government Authority, Eng. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Suwayan, the Advanced Company for Technology and Cyber ​​Security “sirar by stc” signed an agreement with “Fintech Saudi Arabia”, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for Technology, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Nasser, and the Deputy Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission for the Information Technology Sector and Emerging Technologies, Mr. Raed Al-Fayez, Deputy Governor of the Saudi Central Bank for Development and Technology, Mr. Ziad Al-Yousef, and Mr. Yazid Al-Damiji, Deputy Governor of the Capital Market Authority for Strategic and International Affairs.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of the Advanced Technology and Cyber ​​Security Company "sirar by stc", Eng. Fahad Al-Jutaili, and the designated General Manager of the Saudi Fintech Initiative, Mr. Nizar Al-Haider.

Under the agreement, "sirar by stc" will offer a package reduced by up to 60% for the digital signature service that will benefit small and medium enterprises, financial technology companies and entrepreneurs.

The agreement embodies the integration between Sirar by stc, the Digital Government Authority and the Saudi Central Bank, to support small and medium enterprises, financial technology companies and entrepreneurs to achieve innovation and diversity in products and services through digital platforms.

Sirar by stc CEO Fahad Al-Jutaili confirmed that this agreement comes within the efforts of Sirar by stc to support and enable the Fintech sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which contributes to achieving the goals and plans of digital transformation in the Kingdom. It is also worth noting that the digital signature service is a service that enables beneficiaries to digitally sign documents from anywhere and at any time while ensuring reliability, verification and security.

Source: Press Release